Grease Trap and Drain Treatment

CULTURE SHOCK is a safe, convenient product for the digestion and reduction of wastes in grease traps, drains, and septic tanks. CULTURE SHOCK effectively digests grease, oil, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Provides excellent odor control for the malodors produced in drains, septic tanks, and sewers. Contains highly active, non-pathogenic bacteria strains with highly efficient enzyme systems. CULTURE SHOCK is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-polluting.


Solid Presoak for Flatware and Utensils

EXPERT renews tableware to a beautiful lustrous finish. EXPERT loosens the toughest food soils. Wetting agents penetrate soil and dissolve difficult food stains. After washing, flatware looks new with no spots, no film, and no food soil residue. EXPERT detarnishes silverware in the presence of aluminum or aluminum foil. The EXPERT dispenser delivers precisely the right amount of product every time, eliminating waste and overuse.


No-Rinse Floor Cleaner

FREEDOM is a no-rinse floor cleaner designed for removing grease, grime, and food soil from quarry tile and other porous flooring. Ideal for kitchens and food service areas. FREEDOM flows into cracks, crevices, and pores to continue digesting and biodegrading the hidden grease and food soil. FREEDOM will brighten dingy grout with repeated usage.


Liquid Manual Washing Detergent

GONE is a mild, concentrated liquid detergent for manual washing of dishes, glasses, silver, pots and utensils. GONE’S blend of detergents, emulsifiers, and foamers produce a sinkful of long-lasting suds. Cuts through the toughest grease and food soil to leave dishes and glasses sparkling clean. GONE is pH balanced to be easy on the hands. GONE is terrific for washing walls, floors, cars, and equipment, too! Completely biodegradable.


Heavy Duty Detergent Cleaner

GREASE KICKER is a versatile cleaner for many applications. Emulsifies and removes fats, proteins, oils, and food soils from equipment, walls and floors. GREASE KICKER is free rinsing and leaves no residue. Not suitable for use on aluminum or other soft metals.


Low Temp Rinse Additive for Low Temperature Dishmachines

LT RINSE is an effective rinse additive formulated for low temperature dishmachines. Reduces surface tension allowing water to sheet off glasses, dishes, and utensils. LT RINSE also contains a drying agent to promote rapid drying. LT RINSE eliminates spots on glassware and dishes. Completely biodegradable.


Disinfectant & Sanitizer

NOW/PRO QUAT 100 is a sanitizer and disinfectant for use in schools, restaurants, hospitals, motels, nursing homes, and food processing plants. NOW/PRO QUAT 100 sanitizes dishes, equipment, counters, utensils, walls, and other hard surfaces at 150-400ppm active quaternary. When  used at disinfection concentrations, NOW/PRO QUAT 100 kills the Human immunodeficiency virus Type 1 (HIV-1, AIDS virus) on precleaned objects and environmental surfaces previously soiled with blood or body fluids. USDA authorized for use in federally inspected food processing operations.


Fruit & Vegetable Wash

PARADISE is a mildly acidic fruit and vegetable wash compound ideal for apples, pears, potatoes, tomatoes, etc. Removes dirt, pesticides, bacteria-harboring grime, dust, and water spots from skins and peels. Free rinsing, highly concentrated, and economical. Meets FDA guidelines for fruit and vegetable washing.


Freezer Cleaner

POLAR BARE is an excellent in-place freezer cleaner. No defrosting necessary!! POLAR BARE melts away ice from floors, walls and shelves as it cleans. Safely and effectively removes grease, grime, food soils, and lift truck tire marks. POLAR BARE is ideal product for food processing plants, cold storage lockers, supermarkets, and restaurants. Contains no poisonous methanol or anti-freeze.


Dishmachine Detergent

POWER SCRUB is a liquid dish machine compound formulated for use in automatic dish machines. POWER SCRUB is a concentrated detergent that is sage on all aluminum, silver, and galvanized ware. Contains no chlorine or caustics.


All Purpose Cleaner

PRO CITRUS is an effective cleaner formulated for use in housekeeping and industrial areas. It quickly and easily removes dirt and grime from walls, floors, equipment, furniture and more. PRO CITRUS has the added advantage of cleaning without the odor of butyl solvent. Instead PRO CITRUS has a great smelling lemon fragrance. PRO CITRUS is completely biodegradable.


Foaming Oven & Grill Cleaner

PRO KLING cuts through baked on grease, grime, and food soil quickly and easily. Thickened to cling to vertical surfaces, PRO KLING works on warm or cold surfaces. PRO KLING is ideal for cleaning deep fat fryers, hoods, and barbecue racks. Not for use on aluminum.


Liquid Chlorine Sanitizer for Low Temp Dishmachines

PURE is an EPA-registered liiquid chlorine sanitizer designed for the low-temperature dishmachiine. A highly effective destainer, the chlorine in PURE attacks food stains upon contact. The Perfect liquid chlorine for the low-temperature machine, Pure is automatically dispensed into the rinse cycle at the required 50-100 ppm available chlorine.


Condensed Dishmachine Detergent

QUANTUM is a highly condensed chlorinated dishmachine compound. Designed with safety in mind, QUANTUM is dispensed directly from the container. No chemicals to handle. Ideal for all water conditions. Heavy duty QUANTUM removes stubborn stains from glassware, china, and plastic ware. Not safe on aluminum. QUANTUM is highly concentrated and contains no water (anhydrous), which translates to substantial cost savings over solid products.


Acid Descaler/Cleaner

SCALEX is a concentrated, powerful acid blend for use in removing lime scale and protein build-up from dishmachines, steam tables, animal cages, food processing equipment, tanks, lines, and other equipment. Completely biodfegradable, contains no toxins or carcinogens. SCALEX quickly and effectively removes protein film and scale buildup, then rinses away to leave a bright, clean finish.


Low Temperature Dishmachine Compound with Water Conditioning Agents

SEQUESTER is a heavy-duty liquid dishmachine compound formulated for use in automatic low temperature dishmachines. Formulated with highly active water conditioning agents, SEQUESTER provides effective cleaning power in hard water areas without the use of phosphates. High alkaline SEQUESTER removes grease, proteins, starches and carbohydrates from dishes, glasses, and flatware. Not safe on aluminum or galvanized utensils.


Liquid Dishmachine Compound

STAR PLUS is a heavy-duty chlorinated liquid formulated for automatic dishmachines. For safety, STAR PLUS can be dispensed directly into the dishmachine. STAR PLUS is phosphate-free and biodegradable. STAR PLUS is formulated with highly active water conditioning agents for effective cleaning and destaining in hard water areas.


Rinse Additive

WHIZ DRY is a concentrated, liquid rinse additive for the automatic dishmachine. WHIZ DRY lowers the surface tension of the water so water sheets off the dishes instead of forming droplets; eliminates unsightly water spots and streaks for sparkling glasses, china and silverware.