Liquid Oxygen Bleach

BRITE WAY is a safe, effective oxygen bleach for use in industrial and institutional laundries. Safe on all washable fabrics and colors when used as directed. Removes stubborn stains and brightens colors. BRITE WAY is ideal for use on chlorine-retentive finishes and fabrics. No direct handling is necessary–BRITE WAY is dispensed directly from the shipping container.

Brite Way

Built Laundry Detergent

CHARGE is a super concentrated detergent-builder formulated for use with automatic dispensing equipment. CHARGE combines high alkalinity with biodegradable detergents, optical brighteners, soil suspending agents, and water conditioners. CHARGE economically removes even the toughest soils from fabrics. Free-rinsing CHARGE leaves fabrics soft, fresh, and clean.


Laundry Sour

NEUTRO SOUR is an all purpose laundry neutralizer. Completely soluble with high neutralizing value and stain removal properties. NEUTRO SOUR is used in the final rinses to neutralize any residual alkalinity and to lower linen pH to prevent diaper rash and bed sores. Removes iron stains from linen in the wash wheel.

Neutro Sour

Laundry Prewash Spotter

ORANGE MIST is formulated to remove most stains from linen prior to washing. Safe on all washable fabrics and colors. Effective at removing grease, cosmetics, tar, paint, salad and cooking oils, and other difficult stains. ORANGE MIST is made with natural citrus extracts and biodegradable detergents and has fresh, citrus-orange scent.

Orange Mist

Laundry Reclaim Treatment for White Linen

Concentrated POWER WASH powers out the toughest stains. Revitalizes table napery, sheets, and pillowcases with a simple, economical reclaim treatment. Extend the useful life of expensive white linens and improve linen par levels with POWER WASH.

Power Wash

Fabric Softener

SOFT & FRESH LIQUID is a concentrated liquid fabric softener. SOFT & FRESH conditions and softens the entire wash. Leaves sheets and towels soft and fluffy. Helps eliminate the skin irritation produced by harshness and reduces the build-up of static electricity. Cuts extraction and drying time.

Soft & Fresh Liquid

Blood & Protein Remover

VAMPIRE is a spotting agent used for blood stains and protein deposits. Ideal as a wet spotter for all types of protein stains. VAMPIRE may be used as a presoak, too.


Liquid Laundry Bleach

WHITE is a sodium hypochlorite based liquid bleach for use with the Liqua Tronic dispensing system. WHITE removes stains, whitens, and brightens the linen. WHITE is most effective in water temperatures between 140 and 160 degrees F.