Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Offering large and small businesses one of the most cost effective ways to keep their kitchen hoods looking clean, degrease and safely maintained. We are bonded and certified, and all of our cleaning methods are in compliance with NFPA 96 standards.

Maintenance Cleaning: We provide a thorough kitchen exhaust hood system cleaning. Our technicians start by covering all kitchen surfaces with a thick plastic cover to protect them during cleaning. All surfaces are sprayed up and down with a chemical spray and allowed to soak, and followed by a high pressure hot water rinse. The hood, flue, fan, and duct are included in the cleaning for a complete exhaust hood service. The service is wrapped up with a polish, floor moping, grease removal, and updated service sticker.


Appearance Cleaning: This service is provided to maintain a pristine kitchen in between maintenance cleanings. Routine cleanings include wiping out and removal of grease buildup on the interior and exterior of the visual parts of the hood and filters.