AAA SuperClean and the Tulalip Paper Company were created and continue to operate with the primary goal of benefiting and supporting Tribal organizations and communities. The basic purpose of our business is simple: We bring high quality, cost savings, and superb service to our clients. Everything we do is to further our vision, to encourage Native American Participation in business by supporting our people with tribal owned and tribal run businesses.

As a Tribal member, I have a great interest in the success of our citizens. We participate in these communities not just to sell products and services, but to enrich the lives of all tribal members and organizations by providing local resources through our family owned businesses.

AAA SuperClean and Tulalip Paper will, in every instance, lower our prices to simply bring the same products and services you are currently using to you at a lower price.

A Message from the Owner:

Our Tribal Leaders have always voiced positive affirmation to members. “Stay strong with your community and family, and encourage leadership in all you do.” Prosperity has come in many forms; resources such as fishing, lumber, and simply working for our tribal programs. Other successes have been tribal run companies providing services to our Tribal enterprises. I have called for and received a lot of support over the last 25 years, and I encourage all members to seek opportunities through education and entrepreneurship.

Tribal Owned, Tribal Run, Tribal Encouraged


Alan Alexander